Fallen Angel

Long Live the reckless and the brave.
I ate squid

I ate squid

"Do you want to die today?"
I should have said yes.

My husband when he was dating my best friend lol this was one of the many hairstyles/colors


Sleeping Beauties

When animals are asleep, they are at their most vulnerable; even the most dangerous predator can look beautiful & gentle while sleeping. When in the land of dreams, all creatures are equals in this world. We are all Sleeping Beauties, just like the creatures in these beautiful sleeping animal pictures.

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Oh yeah, I fucked your best friend.

You lose
I win
Go fuck yourself

All Time low - Music Videos
  - i know atl has videos for circles, hustler, six feet & coffeeshop but i wanted mostly HQ videos even though some of these aren’t HQ but whatever~

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